Saturday, 30 June 2012

A move into book reviews.

Now, I appreciate as bloggers go, I'm pretty poor. Indeed it would be a self indulgent stretch for me to put myself into this category due to my complete lack of regular publication and, more to the point, my utter lack of purpose. This I think really ought to change.

I have come to the decision that a year on from my graduation where I gained my degree in English, that I should return to my subject and once again engulf my self within literature. You see, following my graduation I have been on a sort of literary hiatus, where I have aimlessly wandered from book to book, starting and never finishing, not committing myself to any novel. The main source of my problem was not knowing where to begin, I briefly entertained the idea of going back and reading all the books that I was supposed to have read across my degree, but quickly realised that this was never going to happen and these books remain with their perfect uncreased spine on my book shelf. I then tried to read books that I have heard heard to be great, real classics that have gained true posterity but I have found reading these was laboured, quite without enjoyment as I didn't have the true interest in them to keep me reading until the end.

The salvation of my literary famine was found in the very aptly titled, but rather unusual guise of a book written for the 'young adult', something, that I am somewhat ashamed to say, I would have avoided at all costs due to my acquired literary snobbery, but after viewing the film version I became absolutely obsessed with the story that would keep me riveted, which I obsessively devoured across the course of 3 days, all consumed in form of absolute literary gluttony, Suzanne Collin's trilogy, The Hunger Games.

I appreciate this might seem a somewhat unorthodox choice and I assure you, I will not allow myself to only read literature aimed at teenagers, but I will not allow myself to be restrained by the stigma of what has been ordained as literary. Do watch this space for my review of the book that, I am unashamed to say, truly reawakened my love for literature, it will follow shortly.


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  1. Oh they called it just 'YA' in New Zealand and I didn't know what they were talking about. I think it's an American term that isn't used over here often.

    This is true about how I've been reading as wellin this year since uni - I have not finished many books at all. I shall read The Hunger Games soon myself and would love to see your review before I do!